The Lady Soliloque

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The Lady Soliloque

The Lady Soliloque, with a family lineage anchored in the Old North State since the early 1600's, is a bonafide Southern Lady, born and bred. As a member of both the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the Confederacy, she has long brought her love of America and the South, its history, and its culture, to the world through her novels, both fiction and non-fiction.

Known internationally for her Christian Science Fiction series, Enoch the Traveler, and its prequel, The Immortal Game, Lady S jumped into non-fiction with the release of the humorous yet pithy 'Dear Yankee, Letters from a Southern Lady', and earned a nomination for the North Carolina Award in Literature.

With her latest project, "#GenesisX", which includes print, online media, and a public speaking tour, Lady S tackles the world with her no-nonsense, Generation X, point-of-view. The first installation in the series of novellas, "#GenesisX: God" reveals the lessons learned growing up under the Moral Majority, and presents an unabashedly American view of Christianity and the Bible which only GenX could produce.

In addition to her success as a novelist and writer, Lady Soliloque is also an accomplished artist, video and audio editor, actress, event hostess, and public speaker.

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