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April 21, 2014

Good Morning Multiverse!

Welcome to my home on the web. Grab a cup of coffee and hang on; we are on a wild ride.

Enoch the Traveler: Tempestas Viator has premiered with a big bang on both sides of the Atlantic, and the audio dramatization sold out on Amazon less than 24hours after it premiered! No worries, Amazon will be restocked, and soon the audio will be available for download from Audible and iTunes.

AbbyShot Clothiers, the official licensed merchandiser for Enoch, has revealed the pre-order date for the amazing collector's editions of Enoch's Tempore Cogitatus and Violette's Plasma Gun. You can check out all of the coming Enoch merchandise on AbbyShot.

As I get ready for TimeGate and Con Kasterborous, we have some amazing game designers working hard on the Enoch RPG with a sneak peek coming in August for all of our Enochian Gamers!

I am gearing up to write the second book in the series, and we have a release date set for January 2015.

Saving the best for last: Enoch the Traveler, the series, will begin filming in 2015.

Big things are happening, and the train is moving fast! Be sure to check in often here, and at the official Enoch the Traveler website for all the exciting news!

Lady S

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